© Philip Lyons 2003-

artist statement

Philip mainly paints landscapes - places that are close to where he lives. He also paints objects, often bowls, objects that surround him at home. He is interested in abstract and representational painting and likes to find pattern and shape in the landscape and in his home environment. Philip paints places that he knows well - returning to them throughout the seasons. he likes painting manmade landscapes - such as houses - rooftops set against the Cornish land - sea - horizon ( that strong blue edge.)

As an artist Philip likes the idea of painting the outside world looking from inside - over the rooftops with their weather worn colours - to the sea in the distance.

Philip uses grid structures in his paintings. Sometimes they remain visible and sometimes they are hidden in the background. He makes use of window frames - rooftops and other structures to emphasise the grid. Philip is interested in the surface of the painting- to suggest the wear and tear of the weather - the passing of time -on the buildings and landscape that surrounds us.

He paints objects - often bowls - with the emphasis on simple shapes allowing the paintings to concentrate on stillness and quietness by keeping the imagery stripped back to basics.