Phil looks for strong colour and patterns in compositions. He likes to look out for small things or little moments that often pass unnoticed. These everyday events are rarely given much time or thought, such as reflections on a wet pavement, a glimpse of one’s own shadow, light passing over a landscape or room and an autumn leaf in a drain.


The paintings shown in these galleries reflect the different themes in Philip’s work. Grids are used to capture the ever changing light. Panaramic sweeps and space portray the wide horizons, which are contrasted with the fields and hedges of sheltered inland vallyes. The blue line of the sea is often present as it is a constant around us in Cornwall.

Philip also likes to paint his home environment, where he also finds grids in the form of window frames, doorways and shapes of rooms.

© Philip Lyons

Work in Permanent Collections


Royal Cornwall Museum Art Collection

Falmouth Art Gallery Permanent Collection

Palace of Westminster Art Collection

Devon County Council Art Collection

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